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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1300 – Wings of Tomorrow whole flawless
Thank goodness, regardless of the dimensional sector he inserted, the Wings of Down the road would take flight earlier it with Zhou Wen showing similar to a ghost without drawing in the interest from any pests.
Is all? Zhou Wen was somewhat dissatisfied. Despite the fact that such performance was speedy, it was subsequently no totally different from his Transcendent Flying Immortal.
Nonetheless, he pointed out that every one of the Basis Strength as part of his physique have been drained with the Wings from the Future. With virtually no Substance Electricity to supply his other capabilities, his system persisted on its crash study course.
Wings of The future is extremely exciting. Could it be that I’m working with tomorrow’s physique to undertake a little something these days, that is why I’m not damaged? Zhou Wen idea for a moment and noticed that something was amiss.
A huge mountain showed up in their eyesight. With this pace, he would accident into it in less than a minute.
What’s happening with this particular talent? Could it be that we have got to take flight this way until down the road? The possibility only designed him all the more despondent.
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and hit the mountain / hill before him.
What’s happening because of this skill? Is it we must travel similar to this until down the road? The chance only built him all the more discouraged.
He stored flying as his entire body pa.s.sed through dimensional areas one right after an additional. He flew for a long period on the dimensional areas. Resulting from his extraordinary velocity, it didn’t take long for him to pa.s.s through ordinary zones. Thus, Zhou Wen experienced the illusion that he was hovering continuously in dimensional areas.
Gritting his tooth, Zhou Wen published the Seven Seas Dragon Ruler and placed it when in front of him, trying to use its body to buffer the crash.
Translator: CKtalon
Having said that, the greater number of Zhou Wen circulated his Substance Electricity, the faster he flew. It was actually like his Heart and soul Electricity would automatically be absorbed by the Wings of your The future. But not only could he not stop it, but he also helped it.
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When Zhou Wen finally regained lucidity of imagination, his eyesight was still hazy.. He tried out his far better to expand his vision, hoping to understand where he was.
The good news is, irrespective of what dimensional area he joined, the Wings of Future would take flight recent it with Zhou Wen showing up for instance a ghost with out bringing in the eye of the pests.
Is the fact all? Zhou Wen was somewhat let down. Even though these kinds of performance was rapid, it was subsequently no completely different from his Transcendent Hovering Immortal.
Zhou Wen couldn’t know if the hill acquired transformed into an sense or if his system got turned into an false impression. Whenever the two overlapped, there was no collision. It had been such as the graphics estimated by two projectors. They overlapped and improved, but they didn’t collide.
Having said that, his traveling by air velocity was too quickly. With out providing him anytime to think, he experienced already slammed into your mountain wall membrane.
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and struck the mountain ahead of him.
Section 1300: Wings of Down the road
In the near future, Zhou Wen learned a thing all the more terrifying. When he couldn’t manage his entire body, he naturally couldn’t choose a air travel way and slammed straight into a dimensional zone.
However, he realized that each of the Basis Strength in the body system were exhausted with the Wings in the Down the road. Without the Basis Vigor to provide his other capabilities, his body system continued on its crash training.
This dimensional zone was strong in the mountain tops, and Zhou Wen had never been there before. It didn’t appear like everyone got come in this article. He saw multiple bizarre dimensional pests.
He used Wings of The next day and observed a drive spew out of his rear. Such as a rocket’s thruster, it forced his system up.
This dimensional sector was serious within the mountain range, and Zhou Wen obtained never been there well before. It didn’t seem like everyone experienced can come below. He spotted multiple bizarre dimensional beings.
Zhou Wen even acquired the urge to get his mobile phone and video game while flying, before he could really remove it, he suddenly read a bang.
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and hit the mountain peak in front of him.
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Let Me Game in Peace
Due to the fact no person could learn him and that he didn’t need to worry about hitting anything at all as he just saved soaring, in addition to physically relocating, it didn’t often have an impact on him.
Translator: CKtalon
Seeing that he couldn’t avoid, Zhou Wen aimed to transform his air travel pathway. At least, he couldn’t simply let himself collision into the mountain.
What is going on using this talent? Is it we must travel of this nature until future? The possibility only produced him much more discouraged.
Wings of Future is pretty helpful. Could it be that I’m utilizing tomorrow’s entire body to perform a thing these days, that’s why I’m not influenced? Zhou Wen thinking for a second and felt that some thing was amiss.
Zhou Wen was quite well-informed. He acquired encountered quite a few dimensional areas and observed many dimensional critters, but how many dimensional pets he got viewed now was over on his prior many years merged.
However, he pointed out that every one of the Heart and soul Power in the body has been emptied from the Wings from the Down the road. With virtually no Heart and soul Power to deliver his other skills, his physique extended on its crash program.
His entire body held traveling by air frontward, not able to avoid. He billed via the mountain peak, the woodland, or even a dam.

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