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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 553 knowing zephyr
“Wah . . . ” Until the Sect Become an expert in could weep, the elders already started to cry with worry .
“Excellent lions . ” Xie Yujia thrown them over ten elixir capsules and rubbed the heads in the snow lions well before declaring to Su Han, “Sibling Su, let’s start . “
Resorting to lies encounter-down on the ground, the Sect Expert and seniors in the White Sand Sect looked at one another, without one dared to check up for the s.h.i.+p .
Hao Ren nodded, realizing that Su Han was elevating the quantity of her natal dharma jewel to prepare yourself for the Heavenly Tribulation . Along with her top rated-tier Qian-amount sturdiness and two months of seclusion learning the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, she could quickly achieve optimum Qian-degree .
“Dharma treasures are weapons or s.h.i.+elds . From this perspective, the lighting Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll can infiltration and shield, making a natal dharma jewel pointless . Even so, other function of natal dharma treasure should be to defend from the heaven lightning,” Lu Lili explained .
“What good things would they get?!”
Lu Lili laughed along at the same time .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Hao Ren was taken aback that his shout obtained frightened them a great deal of . Then, he stop your roof on the elixir making places together with his sword energy .
Hao Ren acquired never imagined about billing at Paradise Dragon Realm themself, but following reaching Dui-degree, he would quickly confront the condition of mystic crystal .
One of the three very best-level Nascent Soul World cultivators could eliminate his sect!
Hao Ren fully understood after some believed and discovered why Su Han searched mad when he offered to assistance her perfect her natal dharma jewel .
The three very best-level Nascent Heart and soul Kingdom cultivators could destroy his sect!
Su Han smiled and didn’t follow this issue . If her dharma prize had been too poor, she would refrain from venturing out, of course, if she must travel, she would request Hao Ren for help .
“One is cracked, and the other will break up in the near future . I had been thinking when we should ask the Qin Yin Sect to pick up some elixir furnaces,” Xie Yujia solved seriously .
“Generally, that’s genuine . ” Lu Lili pouted and went even closer to Hao Ren . “However, a natal dharma prize is not merely a dharma jewel . “
“White Sand Sect . . . ” Xie Yujia had some effect of this sect .
Quite some time before, one thousand-calendar year-classic Kongtong Sect offended the Ethereal Summit and was ruined by one individual . Was White Sand Sect planning to comply with their course?
“Wah . . . ” Just before the Sect Master could weep, the seniors already started to weep with fear .
“What do you think should be my natal dharma jewel?” Hao Ren asked them .
The group rapidly dashed away for the purple gold bullion hairpin and received back to Plant Master Valley during the blink of an attention .
“That materials is extremely challenging, and I’m afraid that even Small White’s demon fire can’t melt it . On the other hand, I’ll test,” Xie Yujia replied truthfully .
When Hao Ren tried to follow them outside of concern, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili immediately clogged him . “Gongzi! You can’t enjoy the task . “
“What good things would they get?!”
Discovering his bafflement, Lu Linlin snickered, “The most critical portion of improving a natal dharma cherish is definitely the merging of your body system as well as dharma prize . There shouldn’t be a trace of hindrance between the two . “
The senior citizens decreased to the floor just before they might take flight .
The three of them realized his that means immediately and introduced stress of top-tier Nascent Soul World .
Including Zhao Haoran’s 1,000-calendar year farming energy, he could achieve optimum point Qian-stage if he released it . It will be a waste and disrespectful to Zhao Haoran if Hao Ren let the cultivation toughness lie muted in his body .
The senior citizens dropped to the floor ahead of they are able to travel .
The tokens on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine could burst the selection formations, and also the protecting range growth from the Pristine Sect was as delicate as a sheet of pieces of paper ahead of the tokens . Hao Ren shattered into your sect without reaching any strength .
Inside two breaths, the crescent-moon-designed s.h.i.+p landed before one particular sect .
“Commonly, that’s a fact . ” Lu Lili pouted and walked nearer to Hao Ren . “Nonetheless, a natal dharma cherish is not merely a dharma value . “
Hao Ren was shocked that his shout obtained frightened them a great deal . Then, he stop the roof in the elixir generating areas regarding his sword electricity .
“Commonly, that’s real . ” Lu Lili pouted and went nearer to Hao Ren . “However, a natal dharma prize is not merely a dharma treasure . “
“Okay!” Su Han implemented Xie Yujia into her cave abode which had been also her elixir home .
The three of them comprehended his significance immediately and produced demands of top-level Nascent Spirit World .
The group speedily dashed away around the crimson yellow gold hairpin and have directly back to Natural herb Emperor Valley during the blink of an eyes .

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